Have you ever gone to a trade show event where at the end of the day you felt accomplished, full of energy and positivity, and eager to participate again? All the mentioned are signs of a successful trade show experience, and if you’re not having one we are here to teach you how.

A Trade Show is Not the Best Time to Procrastinate.

If you order all the flyers, folders, pens, t-shirts, etc., that you are going to give away at least a month before your event, you will save yourself a ton of stress, headaches, and most importantly hundreds of dollars on rush fees and ridiculous overnight shipping charges. Best of all, you will get to the event on time, set up, and watch all the other exhibitors who were unprepared struggle, and you will smile to yourself and realize how happy you are you didn’t procrastinate.

A Trade Show is Your Time to Shine.

Dedicate time to work on your company’s pitch and presentation. Have an idea of what your audience and target will be at this event so that you are ready to answer any question they throw your way. When you are at a trade show event YOU are the company. You are representing all your co-workers and you are given the chance to talk to people about all the great things that make your company extraordinary. As an exhibitor your goals are to create brand awareness, generate leads, and build relationships.

JANBLOGA Trade Show’s Purpose is Not to Provide Attendees With Pens For Life.

No matter if it’s 6am and you just got there, or 6pm and you’re getting ready to leave, don’t ever underestimate a prospect that approaches your table. Don’t avoid someone’s questions and send him or her off with a pen or with a tumbler. If at the end of the day a person goes home, reviews their giveaways and someone asks them about your company and all they can say is, “I have no idea what they do, but look they let me take 5 pens!” then your job has not been done.

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