Express your company’s brand in two ways:

Verbally (Through your Messaging)

This includes the words you use to tell others about your company.

Visually (Through your Logo)

This includes all design elements and symbolism you use on your website and in your marketing materials.

No matter what product your company makes, or service you provide,
your brand’s visual identity involves graphic elements.

If it’s a product you offer, the visual identity design consists of a combination of its packaging and the promotional items you use to create awareness (such as posters and standers). Graphic elements will also be used to enforce the branding strategy and image of the company that promotes the product.

Our company has the ability to develop visual identities for many types of companies and businesses in projects of different difficulty, from logos and packaging to consultancy and full branding books. Because of our full service approach, we will cover every aspect in the implementation of complex design solutions.

Visual Identity Design includes (but is not limited to):


These are the specific Pantone colors that should dominate the color scheme in anything you design, or we design for you. They can add interest and variety to designs for your website and marketing materials. Stick to your identity colors and your color scheme will always look consistent.


The guidelines will indicate which fonts to use for headlines, subheads, body text and other typography needs. We choose fonts that are within the same family so that while your organization will have plenty of variety, your look will stay consistent because the fonts within a family are closely related.


Design elements are one or more signature items that you use consistently. The item could be anything such as a pattern or shape. An element that becomes part of your visual identity may be subtle or bold. Our goal is that your logo and design elements are classic and timeless.

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