Increase your brand awareness with convenient magnetic reminders!

Have you ever been frustrated about losing information in your desk, car, purse or briefcase? You won’t have this problem anymore when you can easily clip the notes and place it where you need it with the magnet on the back. If you customize the clip, you will increase your brand exposure with everyone who sees it!

What’s so great about magnet clips?

These clips are so easy to use for daily reminders that can be placed on the refrigerator at home or at a file cabinet at the office. They are perfect for holding to do lists, appointment cards, event invitations, the grocery list, and more! People love to use these daily whether it’s keeping together important papers or marking them for review. The possibilities are endless!

Why should I buy magnet clips as my promotional product?

There are so many shapes and colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit to match your company’s brand or upcoming event! It is easy to customize the clips with your company name, logo, or important information. This means that whenever someone looks at their reminder, they are also reminded of your business or event!

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