If you have a screen, you should keep it clean!

Did you know that 93% of people find office promotional products useful? We have put together a list of some of our customer’s favorite screen cleaner items. These are unique ideas for giveaways with all of people heading back to the office after the holidays after receiving new tech gear.

What is so great about screen cleaners?

No one likes a dirty screen on their computer, phone, or tablet. That’s why these handy dandy products are liked by everyone. There are different types of screen cleaners with multiple uses like portable microfiber cloths, the MicroSpot, and even screen cleaners with built in styluses. They are small enough to carry around and they are always there when you need it.

Why should I buy screen cleaners as my promotional product?

With all of the options to choose from, it’s a very fast and easy way to get your company’s name out there. You can personalize them with your company’s brand, logo, or a key message. People tend to use screen cleaners on a daily basis, so that means every time they use it they will be reminded of you.

These promotional products will be a clean sweep, what are you waiting for? Order today!