If you are a business that loves to go to trade shows to network and get the word out about your business, then be sure to stay updated with our blog this month because we will be giving you a checklist of things you need to order for the upcoming year. The first thing on the list is a promotional table cloth that you can customize with your company information and choose from a variety of colors. These are our most popular client picks:


Clients love how these flowy tablecloths are easy to fold and store. There is a variety of materials that your tablecloth can come in and the color options are endless. You can choose to display your company information, your logo, or both! These are a great option if you are going to an event where the tables are provided for you because these fit almost any table.


These stylish tablecloths are made of a spandex material that stretches around the table to form a unique shape that will stand out. Just like all other tablecloths, you can print whatever you would like on it. People enjoy these because they are lightweight and give a vivid look to your logo while it makes the colors stand out to attract more people.


If you have a trade show booth that has a bunch of giveaways but you have no idea where to put them without looking like a storage locker, this is the tablecloth for you. The back side of a rectangular table cloth is taken out so you can have easy access to what ever you are keeping under the table. Clients enjoy this so that they can increase the space of their area without the hassle of lifting the cloth every time they need something.

Contact us to order today! Be sure to be on the lookout for our trade show tips this month on our blog!