Get your brand known at events with promotional products people love to use!

When people come to your booth, it is a good idea to give someone a product that they will take home with them. It is important because you want people to remember you days after the event and keep you in mind when they are in need of your business. Therefore, we are sharing with you the top 3 giveaways that people are most likely to use after your trade show.


Did you know that 56% of people in the United States use promotional writing utensils on a daily basis? That means that when you go to a trade show and give them a pen to take with them, over half of the people you do this with will have a constant reminder of your company. Pens are great giveaways because they are small, can be personalized, and are used on a daily basis.


These products are an easy way to promote your business because no one can ever have enough koozies. When people are enjoying their weekend with a cold beverage, they will grab your koozie and remember your conversation at the event. Koozies have enough space to customize however you see best with a company name, logo, or any specific colors.

Note pads or sticky notes

Memo note pads are popular giveaways because people can use them at their desk in the office. You can design them as to-do lists, thank you notes, shopping lists, or just with your company information on the top. Note pads and sticky notes are great because everyone is always going to need them, and they will give you great brand awareness with whoever they share those notes with.

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