When you give out tote bags, you have automatic traveling salesmen.

The more people are carrying your company’s tote bag, the more brand exposure you will get. There is a variety of shapes and styles to choose from so that you will find the perfect one for your company.

What is so great about tote bags?

Since you can use a tote bag in different ways, everyone present will find a way to make it useful during or after the event. Your company can fill up the tote bags with some giveaways and brochures so people can learn about your business. You can also just pass them out to people walking by to carry all of their stuff they are collecting. They come in many shapes and colors, and you can personalize them with your company’s brand.

Why should I buy tote bags for my trade show event?

When people are walking around trade shows, people receive boat loads of brochures, information packets, promotional products, and business cards. When your booth is the one passing out bags that carry all of that stuff in one place, you will most likely have people forming a line waiting to get one. Your goal is to get people to ask others “Hey, where did you get that tote bag?”

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