Build your brand awareness with these tool-ific products!

Do you have to fix things daily but you don’t want to carry around a large toolbox? Well, we have come up with some great ideas for promotional products that can help you with all your construction and building needs. These are perfect for giveaways at trade shows or you can use them around the office!

Level with screwdriver

This handy dandy screwdriver is a great tool to have nearby on the job site. It has a built in level so you can use it for two different functions. They come in different colors and our customers love to personalize them with their logo to bring together the entire company as professionals.

Tool set

With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect gift for the men in your life. This tool set has a variety of 23 different tools that you can choose from when you are doing big projects. It’s the perfect size to carry around or to store in your car. You can even add your company name to the front to customize it.

Multi-use keychain

This keychain has a lot of functions in one product. It includes an LED light, a mini screwdriver, and a tape measure! This is the perfect item to keep on your keys so that no matter where you are you can fix anything on the go. There is even room to add your company name and logo to the side so you can personalize them especially for your business.

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