You spend most of your time at your desk, so make it a great place to be!

As our team was working at our office today, we noticed how we use promotional products every day for daily tasks. Most of them were on our desk! We figured we would share some of our favorites so you can use them at your office, too!

Paper Clip Dispenser

Do you feel like you never use the same paper clip twice? Save yourself a bunch of time and get a convenient paper clip dispenser that keeps them all in one place with a central magnet. You can customize them with your company’s logo so everyone can have the same one at the office. There are many shapes and colors to choose from, so you will always find one you like!

Keyboard Duster

Everyone loves a clean desk! Use this soft brush to carefully sweep away any crumbs or dust on your keyboard. This keyboard duster also works for quick clean ups around your desk area when you want to tidy up. You can put your company logo or company information on the side to give away to clients for brand exposure.

Cell Phone Holder

Are you tired of forgetting where you placed your cellphone under mountains of paperwork on your desk? Well, you won’t have that problem anymore with this adhesive cell phone holder that you can place right next to your keyboard. It holds your phone in an upright position so you can still use it hands free for phone conferences or when you are typing while talking.

Be sure to contact us so you can order them today!